HMO Management

With our HMO management service we can provide you peace of mind that your property and tenants are in safe hands. Here at KK Property Investors, we value quality in everything we do and the service we provide to the landlords we work with. There is a wide range of duties we undertake when we manage your property and below are a few examples:

1. Routine fire alarm and emergency lights tests, once per week/month depending on the type of fire alarm system in the property and recorded in the HMO log book.

2. Check that all means of escape from fire are maintained and kept free from obstruction to ensure ease of exit if such incident were to occur.

3. Monitor the wear and tear/damage status of appliances and fixtures and fittings in the household to ensure all are maintained in good repair for tenants.

4. Regular checks of shower traps, toilets flushing freely, sinks draining freely, all door handles and door locks are working correctly, ensure any wedged open fire doors are closed, taps are secure and tight on all sinks, light bulbs checked and replaced if necessary and general visual checks to ensure suitable maintenance of the property.

5. Carry out tenant room inspections once every 4-6 months, whichever is preferred by the landlord. To ensure the tenants are taking care of their part of the property.

6. Carry out new tenant viewings to the property, prepare the relevant tenancy contracts and carry out the tenancy process fully.

7. Carry out marketing of the property online  on a wide range of popular platforms in order to find tenants for the client.

8. After hour call line for tenants in the event of an emergency, lock out or a repair needed to be assessed/fixed.

9. Advise that the HMO log book is up to legal standards and contains all of the legal information required such as: HMO licence, contact details, standard AST, gas safety certificate, electrical installation safety certificate, PAT testing certificate, fire alarm installation and service records, EPC, fire risk assessment, bin schedule and what to do in the event of an emergency and much more.

11. Monitor the renewal dates for licences, certificates and services to ensure they are renewed/carried out on time.

The duties on the above list are not exhaustive, and the duties will be assessed and chosen based on the landlord's individual preferences and the individual property in question.

We also provide a monthly management report to all of our landlords which enables you to stay in the loop and know what is going on at your property. The list includes key elements such as number of tenants, number of viewings, maintenance notes and amount spent, tenant feedback and much more.

We believe in only charging when there is something to charge for, therefore if a room is empty we will not charge you for it and instead be more motivated to have it filled up (We can also offer invoicing our fee instead of collecting rent, if preferred by the landlord). 

Prices from £30 per occupied room per month and £139 per successful tenant found (inc viewings, contracts, referencing, inventory and deposit protection). 

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to find out more!

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